Rock Salt Powder(Saindhava lavana) 1kg

Rock Salt Powder(Saindhava lavana) 1kg


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Rock Salt (saindhava lavana) powder –1kg



*Saindhava lavana or Rock salt is considered as best among the all salts.It’s qualities ,usage and health  benefits are quite different from regular salts.

*Sodium chloride is the major ingredient making upto 98%.It contains many useful.Minerals and elements.It also contains Iodine,Lithium,Magnesium,Phosphorus,Potassium,Chromium,Manganese,Iron,Zinc,Strontium.

*It helps in improving digestion strength and acts as aphrodisiac,good for eyes,helps to relieve infection,Saindhava lavana does not cause burning sensation,good for heart,useful in hiccups.


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