Niger Seeds Chutney Powder – 125g

Niger Seeds Chutney Powder – 125g

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Niger Seeds Chutney Powder – 125g

Uchellu or Gurellu Chutney Pudi / Karale or Khurasni Chutney powder / Niger Seeds powder ” – one of a family of dry chutneys that are very popular in North Karnataka and Maharashtrian homes. A scoop of this flavorful chutney can liven up even the simplest of meals. Its tasty, spicy and full of flavors



*Niger seed is highly rich in protein and fatty acids. It is a good source of linoleic acid and consists of essential nutrients like niacin, oleic acid, carbohydrates, protein, fibers, stearic acid, riboflavin and ascorbic acids.
*Niger seed oil is also very rich in important minerals like sodium, magnesium, zinc, calcium, copper and potassium.


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