Coconut oil (Cold pressed) 1 Ltrs

Coconut oil (Cold pressed) 1 Ltrs


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Coconut oil (Cold pressed) 1 Ltrs



*Cold pressed coconut oil is pure,unrefined and extracted from naturally grown coconuts.Adopting a natural farming
technique helps keep away any sort of chemicals,pesticides or other substitutes that may otherwise withdraw nutritional
content of a crop.
*The cold-press presses,ensures that all the vital nutrients of the coconuts are retained.this super food
is rich in essential fatty acids and the antioxidants are much higher than conventional refined oil.The medium chain triglycerides
(MCTs)present on the oil help promote healthy metabolism and may also help boost energy and endurance.
*Additionally in Wellnest farm fresh oil is excellent for moisturizing your skin and hair An inclusion of the pressed oil in your diet can be in the raw
raw form or for cooking.


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